Thursday, May 5, 2011


 Here is the little owls that I do. The first year that I did them was 2005 when I had a problem(unknown at the time).. but I lost weight and no desire to do anything.. this lasted for 9 months with visits to my primary doctor every two to three weeks..and we would try something else for a couple of weeks..and on and on , until June of the following year. I did the JIM  RAHM style (type 1) and did around 1,400 . It was the only thing I carved during that time.
                                                 The JIN RAHM TYPE 3 MINUTE OWL
                                   I started making this take after a number of years THE TYPE 2
Jim only taught  eye to eye..and knife to wood...NO PATTERN.. years later a good friend of mine , John Lukens came up with this one and I used it in a class in Longview with the club as that were attending a LEWIS and CLARKE function in the park and wanted something to give to the kids
I used all scrap wood.. and cut to whatever size I could get out of it BUT nothing larger than 1/2 inch and  most of them smaller. IO never really use a pattern and only made a few pencil markings for the firs 25 or so.. since the wood was not always the same size it was faster just to  carve away with the knife.. Later I started to use a small V tool to do the claws and a small #11 to do the eyes.. as it was much quicker... ENJOY...

Over the years I have just carried them around in my pockets and given to almost everyone I encountered.. at the bank,store,doctors office, and car dealers .
Oh..the problem I had.. "it was from a blood thinner they had put me on."
so if you are on AGGRENOX and have a head problem(or headaches) STOP.
I called my doctor after talking to a friend.... and he said  "Stop for a week and then give me a call".. I skipped to pills and was up and running the next day..


  1. I read, enjoy and learn from your blog. Thanks! Keep on posting.



  2. We all need challenges in our life to keep motivated. I really had a great time scanning and reading your blog site and i was so amazed with your great artwork. I do hope you could inspire more readers. You can also visit my site for some interesting stuff.

  3. This is sweet. I didn't think I would find wittling tutorials online. Thanks! I will surely look like more of a pro when I go camping next week.

  4. Enjoyed carving this neat little owl. I learned about this while at the Friends Carving club in Port Orange, Fl.
    Thanks for sharing.

  5. Hi, and really thanks for sharing this. I came across it nearly 3 years ago, and it introduced me to whittling, then carving and finally woodworking...
    If you don't mind, I'd like to repost this in my (Italian only) blog

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